Community Groups


Purpose: VGF strives to emulate the ministry of Jesus Christ. He built the church through large group worship and teaching (weekend services), small group fellowship to make disciples (Community Groups), and intimate personal relationships and accountability. VGF Community Groups exist to make disciples through prayer, worship, teaching, fellowship, and service. Ready for growth?

Ministry Leader: Craig Burdick


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At VGF we have three types of Community Groups: Life Groups, Focus Groups and Redemption Groups.

Life Groups

The title is pretty straight-forward. These are groups in which people do "life" together. Usually meeting in a home, a Life Group exists to plug into the Word, ask questions and get answers, and  "be family" together. They offer lifetime connections where we love, push, pull, and sharpen each other in our life with Christ. In the Christian life, we are meant to experience deep, loving relationships.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups usually focus on a key theme. It may be a particular letter of the Bible or a topic that is studied using Scripture. We believe the Gospel has power to change lives and so we do not want to have studies that just offer information but allow the Word of God to change us. 

Redemption Groups

We believe words are crucial to our understanding of Jesus' work in our lives. Jesus came to redeem, and buy us out of slavery to sin; we believe in the complete healing power of the Cross.  We do not exalt a process and we do not want total forgiveness to be compromised by believing we will always struggle. Jesus heals completely, restores entirely, and redeems in power. 

These groups face and recognize particular hurts and issues, but believe in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to overcome the hurts and totally heal.