Our Mission


First and foremost, we want to connect to God. It's why we were created... to be in relationship with Him. No one is too lost, too messed up, or too dirty for God's grace through Jesus. Secondly, we want to connect with others who are pursuing Jesus. We all have moments when we just want to "give up," and it's in those moments when Christian community is vital. Jesus formed relationships, so we want to do the same.


Our weekend gatherings are important, but people don't grow just filling a seat. This is why we seek meaningful relationships where we can experience life together. We do this in Community Groups. Simply put, Community Groups are a great vehicle for pressing deeper into Jesus with others... learning how to handle the Bible... asking tough questions (and getting answers!)... stuff like that. We truly can't emphasize how important it is to dive into a Community Group.


Connect + Grow = Serve. It's really that easy. Jesus came to serve and we want to imitate Him. At VGF, there are innumerable ways to serve. Let's get going!