Our Story

In a Nutshell

In October 2002, twenty people started having church in a living room. By God's grace, our small fellowship started to grow, and after only a few short months, we began renting a local party house on Sundays to keep up with that growth. The Lord continued to draw people, and after four years, we purchased land, constructed a building and had our first service. God continues to bless and grow VGF.

The Finer Print

In the beginning months of the church, the Lord spoke through visions to establish our calling: to honor His Son, Jesus; to honor His Word; to wipe the slate clean.

We honor Jesus by proclaiming openly and without shame, the truth and hope that can only be experienced through a relationship with God. A personal relationship that was made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We know our culture does not like or believe this message, but we firmly believe the "real Jesus" is amazingly attractive. So that's what we offer at VGF.

We preach and teach the Word of God. The Bible is an old book that has eternal truths unlike any other writing in history. The Word has the power to transform our thinking and to develop, through prayer, the mind of Jesus. The old ways of thinking and the selfish patterns of behavior begin to go as our mind becomes full of Scripture.

Wiping the slate clean has been the hardest task. Centering ourselves only around what God wants us to do, and not reverting to previous church background, and all the ideas and concepts therein, is a challenge. It would be easy to just "do church"... but that lacks life, community and relationship. Our heart is to do what God is calling us to do.

Ten years later, we are still following our original vision from the Lord... which is to say, we are always working to honor His Son, honor His Word... and keep the slate clean!

Our hope is that the vision and mission of VGF will never get stale, and by God's grace, He will continue to grow us and mold us into His image.