Ministry Leader: Brad Kittle, Executive Pastor

Purpose: To reach the lost, heal the broken-hearted and care for the least of these among us; the ministry consists of evangelism, mission work and benevolence.

Contact: bradk@vineyardgrace.org

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Outreach Ministry Programs

Meals Ministry Coordinators: Jenne Gibson

Purpose: The Meals Ministry is designed to serve families in the body after welcoming a baby, having surgery, or losing a loved one.

Contact: jamesjennegibson@gmail.com


Community Meal Coordinator: Lori Smith

Providing food for the Look Up Center Community Meal on the 4th Monday of each month.


Food Pantry Corner: Tammy Wood

Organizing and storing food items for community need.

Contact: jtwood62@gmail.com


Letter Writing Coordinator (For Men in Jail): Pam Kittle

Organizing correspondence for imprisoned men.

Contact: mappie50@gmail.com


Men's Jail Ministry: James Gibson

Meets every Thursday at 7:30pm.

Contact: misfitforchrist@gmail.com


Kindred Health Care: Craig Burdick

Meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

Contact: craig1970.cb@gmail.com


Salvation Army Coordinator: Brad Kittle

Meets on Thursdays and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Contact: bradk@vineyardgrace.org


Street Side Sunday School (S4): Brad Kittle

Focuses on teaching children in the South side of Newark about Jesus through songs, skits, Bible lessons and games.

Contact: bradk@vineyardgrace.org

LIDS Ministry: Phil Horst

Purpose: Love In Deeds. Lids is a ministry that helps with physical needs within the body and as an outreach to the community.

Contact: philh@vineyardgrace.org