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Outreach Update

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Doers of the Word

James instructs believers to be doers of the word and not forget hearers. ...Read More

Sin is Lurking! But so is Grace!

Too often we excuse our sin and give in to temptation with the thought that God will forgive us, that his grace will cover us. But God's grace is given to us to overcome sin--to master sin! ...Read More

The Time is Now! People Are Ready to Hear the Good News!

Jesus said the field are white to harvest and they truly are. The question is not whether the fields are ready, the question is, are we ready. ...Read More

Outreach Events

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We Have a Father

We are not orphans, we have a Father. ...Read More

Drawing Out Our Hearts

As Christians God wants us to draw out our souls for the needy. We are to remember the poor and suffering as if we are in the same body with them. A Christian without compassion is like a automobile without gas. ...Read More

God's Purposes

Seeking out and fulfilling God's purposes for our lives leads to a fulfilled life. ...Read More

Are You Prepared to Pray?

Paul encourages the believer to pray in the Spirit at all times. This command is still in force today. Pride says, "I can do it", while humility says, "I can only do it by the grace of God."...Read More

Outreach Moving to Downtown

Update regarding Outreach move to downtown. ...Read More