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This Week's Music: The Sufferer's Gift

Like Job - The Lord gifts those who are suffering with a special blessing - the ability to SEE Him; not just hear of Him......Read More

God's Presence Through Pain

The good news of the gospel is not ultimately a defense from pain -- it is the message of God's presence through pain....Read More

Secular Songs During Worship: A Growing Trend

Singing secular songs during Christian worship services is a rapidly growing trend... But is it appropriate?...Read More

This Week's Music: Pursuing The Prize

Pursuing Christ with great zeal is the upward call of Believers, individually and corporately......Read More

New Album: Free Download

Download three songs from my upcoming album for FREE......Read More

This Week's Music: Satisfied

None can truly satisfy the desires of the soul, but Jesus......Read More

This Week's Music: Kingdom

On the list for this weekend... 10,000 Reasons (Redman), Amazing Grace (Newton/Tomlin), Freedom Is ...Read More

This Week's Music: Jesus IS Yahweh

From the Old Testament to the New Testament, there is only one Name above all names......Read More

This Week's Music: Draw Near

When we draw near to God, He draws near to us......Read More

This Week's Music: Fullness

Knowing the love of Christ is intimately acquiring the essence of the fullness of God......Read More