Thinking Out Loud

Reflecting God

I was listening to a preacher this week by the name of Wintley Phipps, and he spoke of a time when h...Read More

Reinventing God

In light of the Grammy's and our upcoming series I thought it would be good to say a few things. If ...Read More

What Does It Mean To Have An Opinion?

A few of the founding principles of this country is the freedom to think and the freedom to voice yo...Read More

The Simplicity of the Gospel

As we've been walking through some very fundamental teachings these past weeks on the Holy Spirit, a...Read More

The Spirit

We will be spending a few weeks on a topic that at times tends to divide the church....the topic is ...Read More

The Power of Forgiveness

brief talk on forgiveness...Read More

Our Gracious God

Chapter 3 of Genesis is often described as "the fall of man" and to be sure, our first parents disob...Read More

Think Personal

Last week in church, we talked briefly about this topic and for sure we'll go deeper this coming wee...Read More


I am really struggling with this idea of "image" because what I read in Scripture is different than ...Read More

True Function

 I am intrigued by the idea of "function and non-function" in our study on Genesis and the powe...Read More